What is fTRACE?

fTRACE improves efficiency and trust of the entire supply chain by standardizing industries and enabling companies to share transparency information on batch level: A cross-sector traceability solution based on GS1 standards.

fTRACE is a service that enables consumers to trace products. All the information is provided by the manufacturers themselves about their own food. Scanning the fTRACE code sends information about where the product comes from, when and how it was processed and information about quality and recipe tips.

The four core benefits in an overview

1. Legal security

  • The use of the system complies with legal requirements
  • Sector-specific regulations covered
  • Data protection through rights management

2. Efficiency

  • Digitalization of processes (to date in paper form)
  • Cross supply chain standardization
  • Control of origin information before goods receipt
  • Informative value at food controls

3. Quality and trust

  • Product origin as differentiating feature
  • Improvement of customer and brand loyalty

4. Risk management

  • Ability to act during a crisis situation
  • Determination of dependencies
  • Control of agreed delivery conditions
  • Data visibility beyond the direct suppliers

fTRACE uses global standards

The traceability solution fTRACE is based on the global standards of GS1 and can be integrated into other IT-systems without major efforts: fTRACE uses GLNs (Global Location Numbers) and GTINs (Global Trade Identification Numbers) for the unique identification of supply chain partners and products, as well as EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services) for the standardized transmission of batch-based origin information. This way, fTRACE can make all existing products traceable, irrespective of whether it is a product from the food, FMCG, technical, pharmaceutical or textiles sector.

What are the main functionailites of fTRACE?

1. End customer display (B2C display)

Collection of batch-based origin information along the supply chain and displayed to consumers, enriched with pictures, videos, marketing texts, recipes, etc.

2. Visualisation of the supply chain / reporting / business analysis

Possibility for data analysis of the batch-based origin information beyond the direct preliminary stages and customers.

3. Data transport along the supply chain

Provides static and dynamic data about the "conveyor belt" of the batch-based supply chain, such as certificates, seals of quality, lab results, allergens, etc.)

4. Standard-net for traceability data

Data formats and interfaces are standardised sector-wide with fTRACE. In order to submit origin data to the fTRACE system, suppliers have to implement only one interface, resulting in transaction costs being reduced to a minimum.

Who is behind fTRACE?

fTRACE is a platform where manufacturers and retailers provide information on the origins, processing and quality of their brand's products. The service is operated by GS1 Germany. The company is mainly known for the EAN barcode. GS1 Germany's barcodes and standards ensure the transparent flow of goods. They make it possible to trace products with fTRACE. You can find further information on GS1 Germany at www.gs1-germany.de

Any questions or comments?

We would be happy to answer your questions about fTRACE.

Contact us

For wishes or questions about a product please contact its manufacture or merchant.

Overview of the manufacturers/brands

fTRACE on a smartphone

Download the fTRACE app.

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If you don't have an iPhone or Android device, you can also use any other free barcode reader. Or go to the mobile site m.ftrace.com.

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The fTRACE partners

Do you want to know where the raw materials for your fTRACE producs come from and who the partners of fTRACE are?

List of partners

A service from GS1 Germany

fTRACE improves efficiency and trust of the entire supply chain by standardizing industries and enabling companies to share transparency information on batch level: A cross-sector traceability solution fully based on GS1 standards. fTRACE is a end-to-end traceability community solution provided by the fTRACE GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of GS1 Germany. The core of the fTRACE approach is to capture and share event based traceability data. Based on this, a variety of value adding applications such as fresh counter traceability, end consumer information and BI dashboards are provided for retailers, brand owners and manufacturer.

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